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Pretty much what you would expect, with a few surprises.

1. Indecorous (Sherlock). 30,657.


That's as many people as live in the town I graduated from. That is insane. But there you are. People like a novel-length pwp.

2. Touchy, Feely. The prequel to the above. It was reasonably popular when I posted it, but the hit count is 98% because of Indecorous, I'm sure. 26,825.

3. Eggcrate (Sherlock). This surprises me a bit, actually, but the internet loves Darwin (the character). He speaks to the Aspies, I guess? 14,434.

4. Intemperance (movieverse Sherlock/ACD canon). In which I knock up Sherlock Holmes. I love this story. Probably more than Indecorous, even though I think of them as fraternal twins. 13,769.

5. Bells are Ringing (Sherlock). Screwball comedy + Sherlock = win. 11,450.

6. Padding (Sherlock/Black Books). The first story in the series that includes Eggcrate, and yet it has fewer hits. IDK. 10,656.

7. Cartilage (Sherlock>. Same series. 9714.

8. The Regent's Park Regulars (Sherlock AU). The one where they're swans. This is newer by a year or so than any of the others, and yet it's charging up the charts. Because SWANS. Also, in my research in the area, I have lately learned that the RSPCA has SWAN BAGS. Which are basically swan straitjackets with a handle. Clearly this will feature in the third story. 8717.

9. Unalienable (X-Men/Highlander). In which Immortals are the original mutants. I just finished this one, so I think the hit count is climbing. I get cheater points for posting it as a wip, though. 8134.

10. Pillow (Sherlock). Same series. I lose hit counts as I go down the series, except for Eggcrate. Has to be Darwin. 7744.

What's not on the list? Paparazzo, one of the most popular stories ever, because it was written pre-AOOO and a lot of my hits are still to LJ. This might boom once the Avengers comes out. IDK. It's at #13 right now with 4659.

So that's that. (Thirty thousand hits, what the FUCK. If I had a dollar for every hit I'd be RICH.)


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