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Basingstoke ([personal profile] basingstoke) wrote2013-09-25 04:21 am

So, Agents of SHIELD

"It's a magical place" clearly means they snatched Phil back from Valhalla or that Stephen Strange was involved, I think. Betting on Strange since they are doing a movie later; they could launch it from the show!

Or possibly Phil's soul got sucked into the staff? I feel like I've read all these options.

Anyway. Liked the show. Willing to love it as they go on; they have three main women, all distinct from each other, one of whom can destroy you with a pencil. I do like that.
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Oooh! I hadn't considered Strange! Thank you for a lovely idea!

::laughing:: One can destroy you with a pencil, one can make a pencil that will do all sorts of things if you touch it, and the third can make something that looks like a pencil and will let her find out everything on your computer....