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Basingstoke ([personal profile] basingstoke) wrote2013-09-29 08:10 am

Elementary 2.01

Oh my word, this Mycroft is making me want to giggle and twirl my hair. How completely unexpected. But I see they also have Sherlock resenting Mycroft rather than going to the canon, where he loves and respects Mycroft. They're a little more affected by the BBC Sherlock than they want to admit.

But I have to say, what a GHASTLY head of hair. The man needs a wig or something. Stat.

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[personal profile] king_touchy 2013-09-30 01:51 pm (UTC)(link)
I've never read the ACD stories/books. (Well, I did read A Study in Scarlet in graphic novel format.) I'm a bad fan.

So, Sherlock loves and respects Mycroft in the canon? Hm, would you say the RDJ movies take a middle path?