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Last charted April 2012.

Top ten stories:
1. Indecorous, Sherlock, now at 55,424 hits. For some reason, people like the novel-length smut.

2. Touchy, Feely, prequel to the above. 41,020 hits.

3. Bells are Ringing, my wholly inaccurate Sherlock farce. I have been told that every plot point is impossible. I know. 21,682 hits, which is 10,000 more than last year, bumping it up from 5th place.

4. Intemperance. Sherlock canon mpreg trans fic, NOT AU. 19,937 hits. Same ranking even with six thousand more hits.

5. The Regent's Park Regulars. In which there is a swan not entirely unlike Sherlock. 19,786 hits, up from 8th place last time with 11,000 additional hits.

6. Eggcrate, which is a reference to eggcrate foam. I have been informed my titles are frequently opaque. 18,852 hits, down from 3rd place. Sherlock family AU.

7. Padding, prequel to the above. 14,421 hits, same ranking.

8. Cartilage, the one with Sherlock and his baby sister. 12,616 hits. Same ranking.

9. Unalienable, the massive Highlander/X-Men fusion. This story possessed me for a decade. One up from last time with 12,413 hits, which is six thousand more hits now that it's no longer a wip.

10. Paparazzo. Wot wot wot? My classic story all the way down here? Iron Man/Spider-Man, 11,068 hits, which is seven thousand more than last time but I still think the traffic is mostly to my Livejournal.

Nearly the same list as two years ago! Pillow dropped off to make room for Paparazzo. And man, I have not been writing much recently. I need to finish the third swan story and the third Paparazzo story and the Sam/Steve I've been working on.


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