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Basingstoke ([personal profile] basingstoke) wrote2014-08-21 07:16 pm

catching up with Agents of Shield


So. Skye is a Skrull? That makes her more interesting. Grunt Beefcake being Hydra, though, doesn't help. Meh tormented pleh. Fitz's woebegone crush on him is almost sweet, though.

Love Melinda. LOOOOOOOVE.


Son of Coul is such a marshmallow.

MIKE. I'm glad they actually used Mike as a character, since JAR is boss.

Grant/Skye meh. So boring.

HOW hot is Triplett omg omg omg. His sparkling eyes! His general thingness! He and Simmons will make brilliant twinkly babies. Simmons, you can trust him because he's black and Hydra are Nazis. Easy. Fitz, start crushing on him instead! I'm sure Simmons will share!

...and, now picturing Mike/Bucky. *_* wibble. Bucky rescues him, Tony frees him from the nonsense, Cap rescues Ace. Then bonding over mutilation by Hydra. Then smooches.
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I like the show you're watching.

And yes, Triplett RULES.