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Title: Ten of Swords.

Fandom: Angel

Note: Post-series.

* )
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So, I get way more ideas than I can possible ever write up for real.

Have some snippets.

Torchwood--Owen and Jack, dominance games )
Angel--Wesley and Gunn when they turned into teenagers )

Justice League/X-Files )
Justice League toonverse: The Bat family album )

More later, probably...
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Title: 1967 Plymouth GTX Convertible, Black.
Fandom: Supernatural/Angel
Rating: R

Thanks to [ profile] researchgrrrl for her invaluable help on my first attempt at Supernatural.
For [ profile] ficbyzee, because she wanted it.

* )

Gunn fic!

Jan. 19th, 2005 02:56 pm
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Title: Antehero.

Fandom: Angel

Notes: Apparently when [ profile] buggery pokes me, Gunn fic comes out. Coool.

Spoilers for the finale, etc.

Read more... )
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Title: Actually, it's Prague.

Fandom: Angel

Note: Post-series, SPOILERS for the finale.
yet not at all angsty )
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for [ profile] kormantic, because she asked for it and it's too long to post in her comments:

Wesley and Angel, sweaters and pie. )
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Title: Ride Of Rides.
Fandom: Buffy/Angel

For Jane St Clair, who suggested it when I was in a suggestible mood.

and see, I always figured Ethan freelanced for Wolfram and Hart... )

site update

Jan. 6th, 2004 12:30 am
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I added a couple of stories, both of them snippets that I posted to LJ before.

The Devil's Work, Angel, Wesley/Spike post Lineage (this season).

The Ancient and Honorable Art of Football, Andromeda, Harper and Tyr in a happier time.

Man, I haven't even watched Andromeda this season. I miss it.

I still maintain that I don't actually write in Angel. *grin*

More upcoming. I'm clearing out my writing folder, and then I intend to take a crack at some Yuletide requests.
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and you know how she is. Demanding.

Thing is, I don't write Angel, so my only conclusion is that this is an extreme X-Files AU. It's all very confusing.

Title: The Devil's Work.
Spoilers through the most recent episode of, um, the X-Files. )

Wind is threatening to shake the power lines down. Eeeeek.


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