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Is it time for spring cleaning? I'm airing out my wips folder.

Brimstone. )

...and there's some Andromeda in there, and some Smallville... I'm avoiding the final edit on the Monster; does it show?


Jun. 16th, 2002 06:01 am
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"He is the father of lies, and he will trick you in the end..."

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In other news, I am not drunk, but I intend to be. Soon. Whoo haw.


Dec. 28th, 2001 06:27 am
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always more.

Te is writing in the "viceroy" universe, that being the brimstone/smallville thing I have going here. Is fun.

Here's zeke and the debil having a conversation.


Zeke was watching the castle through binoculars. Strange not waking up with money every day--but he could work, and breathe, and sleep, and sweat, so he earned the cash for the tools of his trade.

Binoculars. Camera. Flashlight. Car. Gun.

He ought to keep his nose out of this--but it was the *Antichrist.* In *Kansas*. And he had to know.

Heat at his back. "Spying on my son? Tsk tsk, Ezekiel. What a very naughty boy you are." The Devil tweaked his nose. "If I had realized how eager you were to return to my loving embrace, I would have simply kept you there."

Zeke rubbed his nose. "I'm not sinning. I think. I'm just curious."

"Mm. He's a curious boy." The Devil looked at the castle, smiling faintly.

"What are the words?"

"He needs to say them in order for the world to end. Contrary boy, he's resisting them. He takes great pleasure in defying me." The smile turned smug and proud.

"The whole world rests on him."

"Thrilling, isn't it?"

Zeke fingered his binoculars. "What if he dies before saying the words?"

The Devil circled around Zeke, smiling like a snake. "Why, Zeke. You wouldn't be thinking of exterminating my son, now would you?"

"No. Of course not." Two shots through the eyes would kill a damned soul *or* a man.

The Devil stared through his skull, as if he could read Zeke's thoughts. Maybe he could. "Heaven wouldn't thank you, and neither would I. We've been waiting for this time for a thousand years. The final battle. It could go either way."

"The Bible says--"

"The Bible was written by men. Fallible, Zeke, as you well know." The Devil touched Zeke's cheek, his thumb wandering up to the eye socket. "Delicate."

"Hey...I just *got* this body." Afraid. Of course he was afraid. But he thought he knew the Devil a little, now, enough to know that he's usually sufficiently amused by bravado that he wouldn't strike.

The Devil wore a mocking smile. "To answer your question: If my son were destroyed before his time, I would make another. I've done it before. I'm sure you've observed that this Beast is not the first Beast, and that my patience is nearly limitless."

"Ah. I'll take your word for that."

The Devil leaned forward and sniffed Zeke's hair. "Ahhhh... venial sin after venial sin, with only the lightest touch of the mortal... delicious." He disappeared.

Well. Crap.

Maybe if he stayed in the Devil's good graces, he'd get to hang out in the lukewarm parts of Hell next time around. That is, if the Devil really *had* good graces.

That is, if the Devil's son didn't call down the end of the earth first.

Interesting times. Zeke raised the binoculars to his eyes.



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