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[17:10] Basily: wow
[17:10] Basily: transformers revenge of the fallen is really racist
[17:11] Basily: I knew it was
[17:11] Basily: but
[17:11] Basily: seeing it
[17:11] Ami: yes
[17:11] Ami: it's also really bad
[17:11] Basily: it's really, really racist.
[17:11] Ami: like, I've blacked out most of the plot
[17:11] Basily: I'm 7 minutes in
[17:12] Basily: can't remember why I wanted to see it
[17:12] Basily: apart from "giant robots are cool"
[17:17] Basily: wait what
[17:17] Ami: ?
[17:17] Basily: the appliances--
[17:17] Basily: oh, okay
[17:18] Basily: decepticons waiting for the mcguffin.
[17:18] Basily: it seemed like all his appliances just turned into robots
[17:18] Basily: which would be retarded, because the autobots and decepticons are ALIENS
[17:18] Ami: Oh bas. With the logic.
[17:19] Basily: I know, but
[17:19] Basily: but
[17:19] Basily: BUT
[17:19] Ami: *pats bas*
[17:20] Ami: *pours rum*
[17:20] Basily: I have whisky
[17:20] Basily: oh wow, it's so obvious shia le beef is touching absolutely nothing there
[17:21] Basily: LOTR was bad enough, and that had plot to distract me from the CGI
[17:21] Basily: also megan fox looks ridiculous
[17:22] Basily: christ
[17:22] Basily: this is going to be dated by 2010
[17:22] Basily: I think it's dated right *now*

I keep going, because that's how I am )
....and now, i apply myself to the handle of whisky in my kitchen until I forget this stupid movie.

*viciously rates this ONE STAR on netflix*
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[ profile] basingstoke something just occurred to me
[ profile] basingstoke on star trek
[ profile] basingstoke you see human/alien hybrids all the time
[ profile] basingstoke klingon/human, vulcan/human, a couple more I can't remember
[ profile] basingstoke but you never see, like, vulcan/klingon
[ profile] basingstoke so I think the message
[ profile] basingstoke is that humans are sluts
[ profile] basingstoke I picture science teams out discovering new plants and things
[ profile] basingstoke and the two aliens are poking each other going "hey, put it in a dress and see if Jones will sleep with it!"
[ profile] basingstoke and Jones is all "THAT'S NOT FUNNY"
[ profile] basingstoke but secretly going
[ profile] basingstoke "whoa, nice foliage"
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a short smut break )


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