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So, I started a story and Zee finished it, because she's awesome like that.

DC Comics, Tim/Kon. Unicorn Bait.


Jan. 1st, 2005 04:40 pm
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aaaaaaand the reveal is live. :)

I wrote Nothing Will Come of Nothing, Sandman, and Raised Up, Green Arrow/Outsiders.

Both were a blast. I am very pleased. I'll update the page soonlike.

a present

Jul. 13th, 2004 11:16 pm
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...with a cool 45 minutes to spare.

It's Te's birthday, and that means Jason AUs.

At least, from me it does.

Title: The Robin's Red Glare.
Fandom: Batman (comics)
Genre: AU
yes, yes, giant dork, yes. )
And now, back to the grindstone.
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Title: Now We Are Twenty-Four.

Fandom: Dc-verse

Combatants: Nightwing and Arsenal )
I don't actually know how old Dick and Roy are, but I don't think the comics WRITERS know either, so I feel comfortable with that.
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I was planning to throw a little parade or something, but it turns out "The Color Pink" was #150 and I missed it.

Well, here's #151.

Title: Order and Law.
Fandom: Batman
an AU. )
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It kills me that pink kryptonite IS CANON.

Sort of.

Anyway, I had to use it.

Title: The Color Pink.

Fandom: Teen Titans comicsverse
with the Daredevil icon because it's pink. It's themey. )
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Title: The Mystery of the Bat.
Fandom: Batman (comics)
Rating: R
Notes: Curses and thanks to [ profile] thete1 for getting me into this fandom and making me write this story. Thanks to [ profile] weirdnessmagnet for the beta.

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Read more... )
I'll probably write it, yes. *grin*

ETA: first the brackets were missing, now they are backwards. it's... style! yes, style. not a fuck-up at all. *firm nod*


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