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I wrote three stories:

The Blind Burglar (1031 words) by faviconBasingstoke
Fandom: Hot Fuzz (2007)
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Danny Butterman, Nicholas Angel

In which there is a blind burglar, a load of tourists, and a potted plant.

COCKLESS (1121 words) by faviconBasingstoke
Fandom: Oglaf
Rating: Explicit
Warning: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Characters: Sandoval the Xoan Ambassador, Mistress (Oglaf)

Sandoval's penis is missing. This is the worst of days.

Prague (1939 words) by faviconBasingstoke
Fandom: Cabin Pressure
Rating: Explicit
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Martin Crieff/Douglas Richardson
Characters: Carolyn Knapp-Shappey

After the (admittedly hilarious but far too nerve-wracking) trip to Ottery St Mary, Martin returned to work the following morning.

Nobody guessed them! No shiny prizes for any of you. I really would have thought that someone would guess COCKLESS (caps for emphasis, no exclamation point for sobriety).


Jan. 1st, 2010 01:29 pm
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First things first, a rec that I meant to post before and didn't because I'm kind of bad at things: A Rotten Tuesday. You have not heard of the source. But hurrah, the source is freely available! I beta read this with no clue about the source and not only enjoyed the story, but wanted to go read the source as well.

I wrote Model Village (Hot Fuzz) for marshwiggledyke. My recipient asked specifically for an AU where Nick and Danny didn't win, and as another prompt, asked for for a story focusing on the side characters like the hoodies. I thought that blended pretty well. I thought about this story for weeks (months?) and then it suddenly came to me, all in a gush, and I wrote down nearly the finished story in one day. It's excellent when that happens. And I'm very happy with the result and ASTONISHED that so many people read and liked it, given the big fat warning I put on it.

(Normally I don't warn on my stories, because I figure my name is its own warning. And then went... uh, duh... anonymous. I'm very glad we can edit.)

Then pinch hits! I picked up another Hot Fuzz, with a diametrically opposite request, and wrote Yippee Ki Yay, Mother Hubbard for stuffwelike. For this one, I had to rewatch Die Hard so that Danny and Nicholas could have a proper argument about it, and heh. Wrote two Die Hard stories before I finished my yuletide. I am easily distracted by the AWESOMENESS OF ZEUS CARVER.

Then, in the throes of madness, wrote a Lost Boys story for spoke, Hypnopompic. Another AU where the bad guy wins! But he doesn't win everything. Michael is a pretty passive character, so why not the ultimate passive aggression?

It was a good year.
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Title: The Wicker Basket

Fandom: The Invisible Man/Hot Fuzz

Rating: PG for cussing and violence

Word count: Appx 1500

Spoilers: No for IM, kinda yeah for Hot Fuzz. Go see Hot Fuzz if you haven't.

Summary: A crime-fighting interlude in Sandford, England.

Thanks to Lydia, lys, elyn, Miss Pamela, and, as always, jacquez.

* )


Jan. 1st, 2008 02:10 pm
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Yuletide reveal!

I wrote first:

A Small Story, Invader Zim, for CadetDru. Which I offered on a whim and then had to figure out how to write, which is the yuletide way!

Then? Bend Hard, Hot Fuzz, for Kass. Y'all seem to have enjoyed this one. *blush*

And then, the madness fully took hold, and I wrote two more: Boom Boom, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, for das_kabinett.

And finally? Signs Point To, Psych, for sinsense. And Lydia guessed this was me so she wins the prize! The prize is determining what you want the prize to be.

And, and, I received! Ideals of Compassion by Kirst Ravensoul, a Batman Begins story in which Batman meets Superman! Which is what I wanted! Bweee.

And then I received! A Man's God-Given Right by transcendenza, a Brokeback story with a happy goddamn ending! Which is also what I wanted! It was a good xmas for meeeeee.


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