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I refer you to

This is the public radio station of my brain.

I also suspect that the Judge John Hodgman podcast hails from Night Vale, but that could be because John Hodgman and Cecil have similar diction. And because the last Judge John Hodgman case involved floating Garrison Keillor with tentacles for a face.

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Hoo boy

Apr. 10th, 2013 10:30 am
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For those new to my blog, i have VERY vivid dreams every night, and when they're especially strange, I post about them.

This one...I don't know if trigger warnings are needed? Let's say yes? There is heavy wrongness.

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I dreamed I was Zachary Quinto. Dressed as Spock. For the next movie, see; I had the hair and all.

But there was a problem... upon being attacked by rednecks in a pickup truck, I discovered I was actually a demon. In fact, I was Harald, King of the Demons, and had to resume my administrative duties.

Unfortunately, this involved my hair turning into snakes, and I was trying to explain this to the producers of the next Star Trek movie. They were *really* peeved. I was on the phone to them working this out when I woke up.

I can't just be Spock and snog Kirk, can I? It always has to be silly.
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Last night, I dreamed I was working on the novel by setting up and observing the characters in real life. Overall, it was awesome.

Right before I woke up, one hero was pointing out the evil of the bad guy to the other hero. They were in a music hall with many venues. "Not only is Sarah Palin singing in the live theater," says the hero, "but they have her CD playing in the lounge!"

Other hero agreed. Major evil.

Sadly, I cannot report what Sarah Palin the singer-songwriter sounded like. I was too busy taking notes on the ensuing fight.

last night

Oct. 6th, 2008 07:21 am
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I dreamed of a dog with three eyes. Don't ever do that, people. It's messed up.

heh, but the idea was I was at some kind of camp where they were giving a presentation on dog breeding, and I was standing there looking at these dogs like you have to be kidding me, they have coats like straw and they all look ill, and then I saw the one with three eyes.

Don't buy from puppy mills, kids. *shudder*
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This is a doozy, and came out of nowhere.
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I had a huge dog named Butler who talked and was otherwise awesome. He may have fought crime in his spare time. I'm not positive.

Sometimes waking up just blows.


Jul. 5th, 2005 09:42 am
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Last night I dreamed that I found a porno on the shelves starring Puppet Angel.

I was very curious as to HOW in the dream, as well, but sadly, my subconscious did not elaborate.


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