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It's a bird! It's a plane! It's... Chloe!

About two years ago, during the break between seasons one and two, I wrote the bulk of this story... then season two started and I got Jossed all to hell and put the story in the cupboard.

But I kept taking it back out.

And it's so--sweet. So nice and candy-colored. I decided that I had to finish it up and post it.

Up in the Sky: a primary-colored Season Two AU.
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I really wish I could finish this one--I really *like* it. But in the end, it's just a concept without a story, so it fizzled.

But here's the fizzle: Smallville: 'Girlville' )
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*stares at the new icon.*


oh, and it illustrates the new story nicely, I think,

New story? New story! Old fandom! OMG!

Smallville, third season, STORY STORY STORY )
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Amazing! Put a GOOD episode in, and fic comes out!

spoilers and fluff )
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Chloe and Pete in the summertime. )

Needs a little work, but then, what doesn't?
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and HET! )
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Nonconfidential to Mary Ellen: my ISP won't talk to your email server, so I can't reply. I am, obviously, writing up a storm, but it's warring with mandatory overtime at work. We're up to 50 hours a week now with no end in sight. So I'm writing whatever makes me happy.

Vin Diesel's booty makes me happy, and Lionel's machinations make me happy, so I will be writing a sequel to the one and more of the other: )
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spawned from "Red."

spoil a spoil )

I need an icon for smut. *wanders over to visit [ profile] thete1...*
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so spoilers. But it's not really about Duplicity.

a story! a story! )
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Clark/Lex. 20K. Vortex post-ep. I posted the first draft of this here right after the episode, but the finished product is quite different.

here, read.
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I am full of confidence that this will turn into an actual story if I just keep going.

As it is, it's just Nell. A lot of Nell.

because supporting characters need love too. )

Bedtime now.


Aug. 19th, 2002 03:38 am
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New story. "The Stranger's Always You."

Smallville, slashy gen. Clark and Lex and dreams and pizza.

I posted the rough draft to my LJ, but the story has changed substantially since then.

The title is from the song I'm currently listening to.
"'Cause with all the changes you've been through / you find the stranger's always you / alone again in some new wicked little town.

And when you've got no other choice / you know you can follow my voice / through the dark turns and noise of this wicked little town."
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It just looks that way when I write. )
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part two. )
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fic, that is.

are you prepared? )

two stories

Jun. 2nd, 2002 03:59 am
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Bride Price--the Highlander story.

Power is in the Mouth--this is the story that was almost done. Sequel to Te's Whosoever Loveth and Maketh a Lie
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After this last ep, I just couldn't not write it.

no title yet. )

new story

Apr. 28th, 2002 04:47 am
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Very small, very gen.

Slowly updating backlinks. Anything with a tilde is correct. Hand's starting to complain, so I can't do anything more tonight.


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