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So, I get way more ideas than I can possible ever write up for real.

Have some snippets.

Torchwood--Owen and Jack, dominance games )
Angel--Wesley and Gunn when they turned into teenagers )

Justice League/X-Files )
Justice League toonverse: The Bat family album )

More later, probably...
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"Huh," John said. "Where I come from, you're from a TV show."

"As are you," Data said, "if I am correct that you are Lt. Colonel John Sheppard of Stargate Command."


"Lorne is going to shit himself," Rodney muttered as he rifled through his pack for his camera.

"And you are Dr. Rodney Ingram McKay, PhD. I was most intrigued by your storyline in the fourth season," Data said.

"My what in the what?"

"Excuse me," Data said. "You are clearly only in the third season at this point. I do not wish to alter the timeline."

"Clearly?" Rodney choked. "Oh God. Do I lose an arm? Or an eye? How clear is clearly? I still haven't given up on the alien harem!"

"I'm sure they'll love you for your brain," John said soothingly.


(yes, I've been reading the sg/classic trek. ^_^)
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I've been watching a lot of Oz lately--including the series finale, which I saw for the first time--and it's two in the morning and I've had way too much caffeine today. Way too much.

Spoilers for the finale, etc, etc. Not really a whole piece--I'm not quite sure I said everything in my head--but God only knows when I'll have the energy to write again this year.

That's seven in twelve months, Beecher. )
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Read more... )
I'll probably write it, yes. *grin*

ETA: first the brackets were missing, now they are backwards. it's... style! yes, style. not a fuck-up at all. *firm nod*
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I really wish I could finish this one--I really *like* it. But in the end, it's just a concept without a story, so it fizzled.

But here's the fizzle: Smallville: 'Girlville' )
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Keller was wrapping a fishing fly. "I feel better about myself now that I have a useful craft with which to fill my time."

"Are you running a high fever?" Beecher asked.

"Nope. He showed me the way." Keller pointed to the new guy, Fraser.


Yeah. Watching Oz tapes while trying to finish a Special Secret Due South story. Wheeeeeeeeee!
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And it's a good thing, because I'm getting the bug, and the bug makes me play whether I like it or not.

nazis with foul minds dead ahead. )
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Amanda vs the Gunmen.

Is this clear to people who aren't familiar with XF?

Do people EXIST who aren't familiar with XF?

our hero is looking for information in information central... )
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I just watched a whole bunch in a row and suspect I have a new fandom. Which is perfectly ridiculous, since next time I update my page I'll be adding THREE new fandoms, but there you are.

Maybe I should just group all my movie fandoms together into one tab. Would save aggro, don't you think?

but I was speaking of Once a Thief )
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I am full of confidence that this will turn into an actual story if I just keep going.

As it is, it's just Nell. A lot of Nell.

because supporting characters need love too. )

Bedtime now.
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It just looks that way when I write. )
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(sarah_t) Someone posted two versions of an otherwise identical story, one with the pairing being Q/O, one with the pairing being Curt/Brian.
(bas) I am hard pressed to find two pairings further apart in setting, character, mood and language
*sarah_t tries to think of a more remote pairing
(sarah_t) Um....Gimli/Legolas and Blake/Avon?
(bas) I think you win, sarah

(sarah_t) Oh! Herc/Iolaus, Sid/Nancy.

(bas) r2/3po, oscar/bosie

(linbot) wes/gunn, harper/tyr?

(bas) giles/ethan, xena/gabrielle

(te) Lancelot/Arthur, SID 6.7/Parker

(te) The twins from Dead Ringers aaaaaand... Han/Luke
(bas) though luke might be sympathetic on the whole incest trip.
(te) Oh, true. Han/Lando.

(bas) Han/Chewie, Lana/Whitney
(bas) "oh my god he has a PENIS SHEATH EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW"
(bas) Whitney catches Lana as she swoons

(sarah_t) Dylan/Rhade and the two guys from Dead Poets Society

(bas) Channon/Yelena, Jim/Blair
(bas) no, wait. Blair would pump them for information about the future.

(bas) methos/kronos horseman stylee, dan/casey
(te) *BWAH*
(te) Bas? I DARE YOU
(bas) do you double dog dare me?
(te) I *triple* dog dare you.
(sarah_t) I *super* double-dog-dare you.
(bas) wow. I had better accept.


Methos bent over the empty saddle, gritting his teeth as Kronos dug his fingers into his ribs. "You won't get what you want."

"How do you know what I want?"

"You want to see me cry," Methos spit.

"If you say so." Kronos ran his hands up Methos' back, pushing the cloth away from his skin. He ran his fingers lightly up and down Methos' spine before kneeling up. Methos held still. "Feeling brave?"

Methos snorted.

Kronos smiled; he pulled the knife from its sheath and drove it into Methos' back. Methos didn't make a sound.

Kronos cut his name into Methos' skin. Methos had taught him...oh, a hundred years ago or more. Methos quivered wordlessly, beautifully.

"You were wrong. I don't want your tears, I just want you."

Methos shot him a slit-eyed look full of menace. Kronos beamed, showing all his teeth. Methos grabbed the knife and shoved Kronos to the ground.


Dan braced his hands on the desk, raising his eyebrow at Casey behind him. "You won't get what you want."

Casey rested his hands on Dan's fine rump. "And what is it that I want?"

"You want to see me cry like a little girl."

Casey slapped Dan's butt. "If you say so." He ran his hands up Dan's shirt, dabbling his fingers over all the ticklish spots. Dan wiggled but didn't laugh. "Feeling brave?"

Dan scoffed.

Casey grinned and curled his fingers into Dan's floating ribs, watching his hips twitch. He whispered his hands over the small of Dan's back and heard Dan make noises behind his clenched lips.

He pulled the pen from his pocket and flipped off the cap with his thumb. Dan turned his head, but before he could move, Casey wrote his name with much flourish on Dan's back. Big C, big M, and another big C, to show confidence, just like Dan demonstrated for him ten-odd years ago.

"I don't want your tears, Dan my man. Just you."

Dan eyed Casey. Casey grinned. Dan grabbed the pen and twirled it between his fingers, smiling .



Mar. 12th, 2002 04:14 pm
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got to remember to use cut tags from now on. Remind me, y'all.

Clark, Lex and schmoop. )
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Love Apollo. Love Midnighter.

Also love Jenny, but I can't write her. I feel like a poser when I try. I'm just not that cool, and it's more intimidating when she's also female. *sigh.*


The surface wasn't cracked where they stood. It was smooth and dark gray and hot in the sun. The dust was like powder under his boots.

Midnighter squeezed Apollo's arm and Apollo kissed him, breathed air into his lungs. Apollo didn't need to breathe even as much as Midnighter did.

The dust was still settling from their footsteps. One-sixth gravity and a tiny fraction of atmosphere; their prints would remain forever. Somewhere, the Engineer's prints still remained. So did Neil Armstrong's, unless they'd been wiped out by the creeping ick.

Hard to think about the creeping ick when the Earth shone pretty as a painting on glass before them. It reminded him why he was fighting so hard--to protect it, and the people on it.

Apollo wrapped his arms around Midnighter and squeezed hard enough to make him squeak. Tiny little sound; it didn't carry in the airlessness.

He'd *kill* anyone else that tried that. Lucky that nobody did.

So much beauty all around him. So much. It made everything he gave up worthwhile--probably. Maybe.

Apollo pressed his cheek to Midnighter's; Midnighter turned his head and Apollo kissed him again, blew him more air.

Yes. Worth it.

"No more breath," Apollo sent. "Time to go. Door."

Midnighter crossed his arms and embraced Apollo's arms to his chest as they stepped back onto the Carrier. He breathed in, turned around and kissed Apollo, giving back his air. Worth it, worth every breath he had. Worth every drop of blood in his body.

"Love you," Apollo said. Midnighter just smiled.


Might be another vignette later. I'm turbo-charged tonight.
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"It's a scientific wonder, Clark," Lex said, walking out onto the frozen pond. "And I never even knew it was here."

"Uh huh." Clark eyed the middle of the pond, where he was pretty sure Sean had gone under. If Lex's teeth started chattering, he was going to tackle him right off the pond, and the heck with secrets.

"Despite the fact that it's February, it's nearly 70 degrees out here, and I'm walking on solid ice..." Lex gestured and Clark blinked.

Lex was in short sleeves. A t-shirt, even. "Hey. Wow. I've never seen your arms before."

Lex grinned. "Want to see my tattoo?"

"You have a tattoo?"

"Yes, I..." Lex looked down and his voice trailed off. "Clark? There's a boy in here."


"Do you know anything about this?"


"Clark..." Lex said with a warning tone of voice, sounding just like Clark's mom did when she scolded him.

"Well! I had to put him somewhere. I don't think he's dead." Clark shrugged helplessly. "I think if he were dead, his powers would stop working and the pond would melt."

Lex slipped his hands into his pockets, tilting his head to one side. Clark still watched the ice beneath his feet. "You're kind of calm about that," Lex said.

"He attacked my mom, dude."

Lex raised both his eyebrows. "Dude?"

Laughing at the country kid. "Yeah. Dude." Clark scowled. "Dude, can you please step off the ice? You're making me nervous. I don't know how powerful his, um, powers are."

Lex looked down. He looked back up at Clark, quirked a smile and strolled toward him. "He attacked your mother?"

"Yeah. Then I threw him in the pond and it froze over fast enough to trap him."

"And you didn't take a jackhammer to the pond?" Lex was on firm ground again, close enough that his breath touched Clark's shirt. "To his head?"


"I would have, if someone threatened my mom. I admire your forbearance, Clark."

Clark shrugged. "It just never occurred to me."

"Mm. What do you want to do with him?"

"Jeez, Lex, I don't know. If I knew, I would already have done it by now," Clark sighed.

"I'll think of something," Lex said. He rolled up his shirt sleeve, exposing tattoo ink. "Here, look."

"Wow, Lex..." The tattoo was of the moon, but with a sort of halo around it. "Is that--"

"Solar eclipse." Lex ran his hand over the design. Clark touched it curiously. "I have another one, also. I'll show it to you later."


"Later." Lex's hand was on Clark's cheek then--and Lex's mouth was on his mouth, and Lex was kissing him.


Clark hung onto Lex's shoulder, feeling off-balance, until Lex grunted and moved away and Clark had to let go. "You're a sweet boy," Lex said. He looked at his shoulder, where Clark's fingers let red marks. "A strong boy. But a very sweet boy. I'll take care of Sean."

"Thanks," Clark said, feeling dizzy.


Clark grinned.


There will be another one for Fuzzicat.

Later. *yawn*


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