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(sarah_t) Someone posted two versions of an otherwise identical story, one with the pairing being Q/O, one with the pairing being Curt/Brian.
(bas) I am hard pressed to find two pairings further apart in setting, character, mood and language
*sarah_t tries to think of a more remote pairing
(sarah_t) Um....Gimli/Legolas and Blake/Avon?
(bas) I think you win, sarah

(sarah_t) Oh! Herc/Iolaus, Sid/Nancy.

(bas) r2/3po, oscar/bosie

(linbot) wes/gunn, harper/tyr?

(bas) giles/ethan, xena/gabrielle

(te) Lancelot/Arthur, SID 6.7/Parker

(te) The twins from Dead Ringers aaaaaand... Han/Luke
(bas) though luke might be sympathetic on the whole incest trip.
(te) Oh, true. Han/Lando.

(bas) Han/Chewie, Lana/Whitney
(bas) "oh my god he has a PENIS SHEATH EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW"
(bas) Whitney catches Lana as she swoons

(sarah_t) Dylan/Rhade and the two guys from Dead Poets Society

(bas) Channon/Yelena, Jim/Blair
(bas) no, wait. Blair would pump them for information about the future.

(bas) methos/kronos horseman stylee, dan/casey
(te) *BWAH*
(te) Bas? I DARE YOU
(bas) do you double dog dare me?
(te) I *triple* dog dare you.
(sarah_t) I *super* double-dog-dare you.
(bas) wow. I had better accept.


Methos bent over the empty saddle, gritting his teeth as Kronos dug his fingers into his ribs. "You won't get what you want."

"How do you know what I want?"

"You want to see me cry," Methos spit.

"If you say so." Kronos ran his hands up Methos' back, pushing the cloth away from his skin. He ran his fingers lightly up and down Methos' spine before kneeling up. Methos held still. "Feeling brave?"

Methos snorted.

Kronos smiled; he pulled the knife from its sheath and drove it into Methos' back. Methos didn't make a sound.

Kronos cut his name into Methos' skin. Methos had taught him...oh, a hundred years ago or more. Methos quivered wordlessly, beautifully.

"You were wrong. I don't want your tears, I just want you."

Methos shot him a slit-eyed look full of menace. Kronos beamed, showing all his teeth. Methos grabbed the knife and shoved Kronos to the ground.


Dan braced his hands on the desk, raising his eyebrow at Casey behind him. "You won't get what you want."

Casey rested his hands on Dan's fine rump. "And what is it that I want?"

"You want to see me cry like a little girl."

Casey slapped Dan's butt. "If you say so." He ran his hands up Dan's shirt, dabbling his fingers over all the ticklish spots. Dan wiggled but didn't laugh. "Feeling brave?"

Dan scoffed.

Casey grinned and curled his fingers into Dan's floating ribs, watching his hips twitch. He whispered his hands over the small of Dan's back and heard Dan make noises behind his clenched lips.

He pulled the pen from his pocket and flipped off the cap with his thumb. Dan turned his head, but before he could move, Casey wrote his name with much flourish on Dan's back. Big C, big M, and another big C, to show confidence, just like Dan demonstrated for him ten-odd years ago.

"I don't want your tears, Dan my man. Just you."

Dan eyed Casey. Casey grinned. Dan grabbed the pen and twirled it between his fingers, smiling .



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