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So, I get way more ideas than I can possible ever write up for real.

Have some snippets.

Torchwood--Owen and Jack, dominance games )
Angel--Wesley and Gunn when they turned into teenagers )

Justice League/X-Files )
Justice League toonverse: The Bat family album )

More later, probably...

mmm, Alex

Oct. 30th, 2003 02:20 am
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HL/XF etc etc.

1994. )
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Another coda for Waters of Life and Death. Written for Te's birthday, right before I moved; thus the hold-up.

Warning: grue.

Te, I edited it from the version I sent you. )

new story

May. 5th, 2003 04:28 pm
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Yes, THAT story. The one I've been working on for the past six months. The Monster.

"Waters of Life and Death."
Highlander/X-Files. 220K. Mostly gen, some slash.

I'm so very happy!
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Amanda vs the Gunmen.

Is this clear to people who aren't familiar with XF?

Do people EXIST who aren't familiar with XF?

our hero is looking for information in information central... )
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(madame monkey, you have not read this yet. I just wrote it at work.)

The story is at 97K. I'm counting the three codas in that, since they would be flashbacks if I were a wickeder writer.

So here's coda #1. Methos and Kronos, a long, long time ago.

around 2300 BC, in fact. )
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ie, more HL/XF.

Because it's fun when it's fun!

Joe is one sexy bitch. )
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is a bit like crossing an orchid with a venus flytrap.

don't you think?

this may or may not go anywhere. )


Mar. 30th, 2002 03:06 am
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Due South crossed with the X-Files.

fun times. )


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